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We personally select the best therapists, hairdressers, fitness trainers and spa doctors in the world and in order to guarantee our quality, we do that in their own area of residence, training them directly in local specialised schools.

As a matter of fact, because Ocean View Monaco's main mission is to be a true and original Balinese Spa, we use therapists who only come directly from the island of Bali. There they are recruited, selected and trained in our vocational Academy of Specialisation, during periods of 4, 8 or 12 months. We bring them up to the required levels of service and we assure they have equal standards and abilities in all fields.

We personally travel to Bali several times a year to select a good number of qualified therapists for our staff.  
We only select personnel with at least three years experience working in wellness centres in five-star hotels, in order to guarantee excellent quality standards.

We also have recruiting agencies located in other strategic areas of the world, countries where an excellent level of professional technique has now been reached.
Training is always held in specialised schools, where we teach our personally organised academy programmes.

In order to maintain, control and standardise the high quality standards, functionality and efficiency of all our wellness centres, we send on a regular basis supervisors who check the improvements and maintenance of all set objectives.
As of today our organisation has more than 360 employees on board and ashore.