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Meet our team

The people behind our company are as important as the company itself. Meet who is behind Ocean View Monaco's success.


“Spas on board of cruise ships were offering an out-dated concept of services: only a limited and a very basic selection of aesthetic and hairdressing services were offered. A cruise, or a holiday in general, is a time taken not only for leisure and amusement, but also for your own well-being and for an extra care of your look and psycho-physical shape.”
Vittorio is the founder and CEO of Ocean View Monaco. Since the beginning, he has been all eating, sleeping and breathing fashion, wellness and beauty.
Vittorio puts his efforts in collaborating with international brands, building long term and trustworthy connections with the leading companies in the field.
He is the pioneer of the idea of revolutionising the traditional orientation of on-board SPAs, and created an innovative and forward-looking on-board SPA system in 1994. He wanted his SPAs to have and offer the true, original and traditional Balinese style.
“When I discovered that mothers massage their babies to have them fall asleep, I had no more doubts: well-being originates from these enchanting places. It was clear to me that, if I was able to reach out to these Balinese therapists, I would have found the top of quality, professional service, and skill-sets for my spas. No one else in the world is able to convey, with the same love, tenderness and professionalism, the art of massage and the art of beauty and well-being treatments, as a Balinese therapist.”
Vittorio is grateful to his valuable collaborators for elaborating and improving together the ideas of being the absolute first ones in the world to have, on board of cruise ships, a true Balinese SPA.

LAURA SAVINA, Head of Operations

Laura has been an integral and key figure of Ocean View Monaco’s team for the past 20 years. She manages the commercial side and she takes care of all the necessary purchases, building relationships with the suppliers.
She controls the daily operations and supervises the commercial and marketing strategies. She leads all the projects, making sure that everything goes smoothly.
Laura is a great team leader who oversees all the activities with professionalism and dedication.


LUIGI VILLANI, Director of Stragegy and Corporate Development

Luigi started as Head of Corporate Performance to review and renovate all services, procedures and company policy.  Responsible for making sure our company is optimising revenue, and all staff has the right skills set to provide the highest quality service.

As Director of Strategy and Corporate Development, Luigi is responsible for reviewing and assessing the performance of all systems and processes, with an overview to establish long term strategy into new markets.  Maintaining the current high standard expected by our existing client base, continuing to drive and improve corporate development with dynamism to demonstrate our unique organisation  identity.