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One of the hallmarks of our organisation is the presence of a fully qualified Spa Doctor among the friendly, highly trained staff of our SPAs. Our doctors graduate in General Medicine and specialize in Aesthetic Medicine to offer guests a personalised diagnosis. He or she will be happy to help plan a personal wellbeing program, carry out sophisticated treatments and provide free advice on exercise and diet. The Spa Doctor is always available for a free consultation and to help guests in the right and most appropriate choice among all the aesthetic treatments offered by the spa; they draw a program of health and beauty treatments that combines the specific needs of each guest; they perform facial and body treatments with electro medical equipment of latest generation and acupuncture treatments.


After running a very quick Bio-test, which collects and verifies some basic data (i.e. amount of fat mass, lean mass and liquids), the Spa Doctor will draw a programme of beauty, health and nutritional treatments, specific to the guest’s personal needs.