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About us

Our mission is to pamper guests by taking care of them and by transmitting gentleness and serenity using the most authentic Balinese well-being culture. Rituals of beauty and wellness of body and mind are a true form of art to us.
In a world where increasingly fast-paced life styles make health and wellness holidays more and more popular, Ocean View Monaco offers a first class spa service based on the Bali well-being culture, meeting up with the expectations, needs and demands of a wide range of guests.
Oriental-style wellness centres have now become more and more popular among Occidental guests who appreciate a relaxing atmosphere where they can quickly find a psychophysical balance. Ocean View Monaco spas are not only Oriental-style influenced, but also real and authentic Balinese spas, which are considered to be the best existing spas in the world. On the island of Bali, attention to wellness is considered a must and a true form of art.
The magic of Balinese rituals and the exclusive presence of qualified native therapists make our spas an authentic Bali experience, offering guests a unique and unforgettable opportunity to re-energise their body while pervading the soul with a sense of peace and calm.
Ocean View Monaco offers a selection of Oriental tradition combined with the latest trends in the world of well-being.
Our passion and dedication drives us to supply our clients with the perfect design, personnel, and operations management systems for their branded Beauty Farms and Spas, delivered with high quality standards and a wide range of services available: wellness, medical aesthetics, hairdressing, and fitness. Using a highly professional and specialised know-how, we deliver constant innovation and a first class guest service with 5/6 stars international hotel standard quality, which allows our brand name to stand out amongst others.

We personally select our personnel in their own area of residence (countries where an excellent level of professional technique has now been reached) and we train them directly in local specialised schools.

One of Ocean View Monaco hallmarks is our vocational Academy of Specialisation located on the island of Bali, where we have our customised 4/8/12-months programmes.

Our management system

We work closely with our clients to ensure that all of their standard guidelines are met. Along with them, we develop marketing materials, institutional brochures, catalogues, video and images for print and television advertising campaigns.
On our clients’ behalf we can also actively participate, with their appointed firm of Architects, to the design of the wellness spaces.
One of our focuses is to ensure a memorable and unique experience for our spas’ guests, but innovation of our clients’ services and increase of their revenue is equally a primary goal. With that in mind, we constantly try to extend our marketing strategies by presenting fresh ideas and innovative collaborative offers for our clients.

In short, our organisation is directly involved in the coordination and operational activity of the hotel, the reception, the management of guests during the stay, the marketing activities and restaurants.

our milestones

We currently manage spas on board of all 12 cruise ships of MSC Cruises – including their newly christened flagship MSC PREZIOSA (March 2013), which hosts 4,500 guests and 1,800 crewmembers.

Our organisation has currently more than 220 employees on board and ashore, and our yearly consolidated turnovers always close seasons by meeting all budgeted expectations… and beyond.