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Shu Uemura Rituals

“A perfect hairstyle begins with flawless hair fibre”.

A hair beauty ceremony, inspired by Japanese tradition. Surrender to the absolute luxury of exclusive treatments inspired by the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. Based on shiatsu massage techniques, each step of this beauty ceremony restores harmony to the scalp, the hair fibre and the spirit, resulting in hair that is more beautiful and natural. Four custom treatments; a shiatsu-inspired technique that delights the senses, leaving the hair, mind and body in perfect harmony.


Deep Ceremony – 50’

A sumptuous, sensuous paradise that restores harmony to the hair, body and soul. Includes: cleansing oils for the scalp; absolu oil and mineral-rich depsea water treatments; shiatsu shampoo; hair fibre, scalp, neck, shoulder and hand treatment.

Intense Ceremony – 30’

An intense, revitalising journey that restores balance to the scalp and hair. Includes: cleansing oils for the scalp, shiatsu shampoo, intense hair fibre and scalp treatment.

Karaa Ceremony – 15’

The sumptuous art of boosting colour radiance for colour-treated hair. Includes: shiatsu shampoo, personalised hair fibre treatment, neck and shoulder treatment.

Initiation Ceremony – 15’

A pleasurable introduction to the art of hair beauty ceremonies, an enjoyable interlude for a day where beauty is the focus. Includes: shiatsu shampoo, personalised hair fibre treatment, relaxing shoulder and scalp treatment.

Pure Lightness Ceremony – 10’

An intense sensory experience to reinvigorate fine hair, providing volume and lightness. Includes: shiatsu shampoo and personalised hair fibre and scalp treatment with the Muroto Volume line.

Shade Reviving Ceremony – 20’

A unique ceremony that enhances the vibrancy of coloured hair, leaving it nourished and beautiful. Includes: shiatsu shampoo and personalised treatment of hair fibres, scalp and arms.