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Ocean View Monaco made its first steps in the world of beauty back in the 70s with high end and luxurious offshore hair salons.

After having spent long periods of time in Bali, we acquired consolidated know-how and practise in the Bali culture of well-being to sail into the adventure of opening a wellness centre (spa) onboard of one ship. It was 1995: several offshore hair and beauty salons to manage and one wellness centre onboard of a ship to play with and to discover. Almost 20 years later, what started as an adventure and curiosity, became our passion and core business: Ocean View Monaco grew into a spa management company with wellness centres onboard of all MSC Cruises’ ships.

Throughout the years, we supported and shared our partner’s achievements of new ship christenings, as those were new Ocean View Monaco spa christenings as well:

  • April 2003, MSC LIRICA
  • May 2004, MSC ARMONIA
  • 2004, MSC SINFONIA
  • June 2004, MSC OPERA
  • June 2006, MSC MUSICA
  • May 2007, MSC ORCHESTRA
  • April 2008, MSC POESIA

Starting from 2008, a new ship did not only mean a new Ocean View Monaco spa, but also an enrichment of Ocean View Monaco’s already exhaustive wellness and beauty menu with the introduction of brand new and innovative signature treatments:

  • December 2008, MSC FANTASIA – Candle massage
  • July 2009, MSC SPLENDIDA – Aurea del Mare
  • March 2010, MSC MAGNIFICA – Aurea Thalassa, Aurea Papaveris, Aurea Hydra Plus, Aurea Relaxa, Hymalayan Dream, semi-permanent eyelash lengthening and thickening treatments
  • May 2012, MSC DIVINA –Shu Uemura hair ceremonies, two new exclusive well-being beds enhance the effects of Himalayan Dream and Aurea del Mare (Himalaya Venus crystal salt and a water bed), Teenage Kicks programs and the first Ocean View Monaco vintage barber shop
  • March 2013, MSC PREZIOSA – Harmony Suite Rituals, Enjoy the Colour Program (at the spa bar), Adidas gear corner shop, redesign of the traditional thermal area to include an exclusive frigidarium and tepidarium

Lately, MSC Cruises revealed his plans to add 11 new vessels by 2026 as a near doubling of its fleet numbers. It’s also increasing capacity with larger ships, for which Ocean View Monaco manages the Spas :

  • May 2017, MSC MERAVIGLIA - the cutting-edge ship includes a promenade with a long LED roof, a water park with water slides, a rope course, a theater and a spa of over 1100 m² offering the latest wellness experiences. For the first time, MSC Cruises will launch a new thermal experience on board
    MSC Meraviglia. Guests will be able to tailor their experience by identifying their wellness objective : RELAX, TONIC, PURIFY or EXCITE. They will enjoy a
    sequence of heat, cold, colours and aromas with a combination of equipment to maximise the thermal programmes. The body is exposed to high temperatures and contrasting cold areas with aromatic showers. Guests will wear a wristband with information about their chosen experience
    and the length and order of use for each area. The variety of the equipment will provide a perfect synthesis of leading-edge technology, inimitable design and carefully-selected materials.
  • November 2017, MSC SEASIDE - Inspired by the beach condos that have made Miami famous, MSC Seaside has a number of distinctive and innovative design features unlike any other ship. MSC Cruises and Bocelli Wines have launched a signature collection of spa treatments on MSC Seaside, luxurious facial and body treatments using LAJATICA vinotherapy products from Bocelli Wines. Strengthened by the anti-aging and firming properties found in grapes, these luxurious facial and body treatments are made with natural extracts from the Bocelli family vineyards and blended with Tuscan plants and essential oils.
  • June 2018, MSC SEAVIEW - the second in the Seaside generation will bring guests and the sea closer with a 360° waterfront promenade to enjoy the sun. The MSC Aurea Spa on MSC Seaview is a luxurious Balinese spa offering signature relaxation treatments to revitalise body and soul.
    Complete with a thermal area, beauty salon and nail boutique, the MSC Aurea Spa will leave you feeling pampered from head to toe. Ocean View Monaco has introduced with MSC SEAVIEW the exclusive signature treatments from THALGO, leader in Professional Marine Cosmetic, especially designed for MSC Cruises. 
  • March 2019, MSC BELLISSIMA - The new jewel  of MSC Cruises offers a stunning array of features to rival those of her sister ship, MSC Meraviglia. 
    At MSC Aurea Spa, relax in  the thermal area replete with Finnish saunas, bright and dark steam rooms, salt relax and snow rooms, a blower pool and Kneipp showers.  Guests may also indulge in one of two ground-breaking treatments from SWISSLINE: the skin stengthening Swiss Virtual Surgery and the Swiss Bright skin brightening treatment. For nearly three decades, Swissline has been revolutionising skincare with the latest innovations and luxurious ingredients. Developed and produced in Switzerland, their treatments offer younger, healthier skin that are worth the detour.