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Active Press

Safe and effective, Active Press is a 15 years old technologically advanced medical equipment that delivers an essential treatment for a deep, controlled lymphatic drainage massage. This technique is used to combat cellulite, water retention, oedemas, and lower extremity fatigue, which result from slow lymph/blood circulation.

Pressure is not practiced on all surface covered by the leggings, but with a specific centripetal sequence, which is the one followed by the blood circulation and by the lymph. Active Press allows the Spa Doctor to perform a wide range of different relative and specific personalised programmes. Very popular because of its simplicity, its visible and immediate benefits, and the overall relaxing feeling of wellness that guests experience.

Pressure-point therapy also allows applying complimentary synergies of specific essential oils, with draining effects that can be applied manually or with special bandages. There is visible improvement after only a few sessions.


“ACTIVE PRESS” - session 35 minutes