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The cosmetic line LAJATICA Bocelli 1831 is completely new in the international context of cosmetics.

The Bocelli 1831 winery collaborates with the Department of Pharmacy of the University of Pisa and carries out analyses on the pomace produced by its own cellar, aiming at finding the quali-quantitative composition. The pomace contains bioflavonoids and polyphenols, known for their antioxidant properties which make the pomace itself a real fountain of youth.

The Bocelli 1831 winery with the experience of the Speziali Laurentiani laboratory conduct the formulation study on a range of cosmetics containing a patented extract of pomace, the LAJATICOMPLEX. Lajaticomplex is the combination of all active principles, both primary and secondary, contained in the peel and seeds of grapes.

The Tuscan excellence creates LAJATICA by marrying innovation with tradition. It is the first performing functionalized line of wine cosmetics which discovers beauty by listening to nature.